February 15, 2013

Tools I use for development

Here's a list of tools I use for development. These are not exhaustive and will be updated over time.
  1. Balsamiq Mockups - a UI prototyping tool, I use it when presenting to business people or developers how I am going to lay out the web page
  2. CruiseControl.NET - a free open-source continuous integration tool
  3. Fiddler
  4. Git Extensions
  5. Git for Windows
  6. ILSpy - a .NET assembly browser and decompiler.
  7. Jenkins - a free open-source continuous integration tool
  8. Legit Log Viewer - a log parser which can read logs generated from NLog and log4net
  9. LINQPad
  10. Network Monitor
  11. PostSharp
  12. RDCMan
  13. Robocopy - a powerful command line tool for synchronization/copy between files/folder, built-in Windows 7/Windows 2008
  14. TeamCity
  15. TortoiseSVN - a subversion client
  16. Trac - an issue tracking system
  17. Redmine - an issue tracking system
  18. StyleCop
  19. VisualSVN Server - a windows-based subversion server
  20. WinMerge
  21. WiX
  22. WixEdit - a GUI tool for editing WiX configuration file
  23. Zeta Resource Editor

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