July 16, 2021

工商服務 - DevOps Engineer

我的團隊目前誠徵兩名DevOps Engineer加入,地點台中,亦可遠端。


June 15, 2021

工商服務 - 後端工程師/資深後端工程師

我的團隊目前誠徵幾名Backend Engineer加入,地點台中,亦可遠端。


November 14, 2020

工商服務 - 資料工程師/資料分析師




*Provide data analysis and insights to Product Owners and Business Stakeholders to support business decisions.

*Produce and automate reports for the global finance team to perform accuracy checking.

*Maintain and/or develop web-crawlers to automate data checking between client’s website and company database. 

*Collaborate with other Product Owners to understand their business needs, formulate and complete end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering, product analysis and expected deliverables.

*Fulfill ad-hoc data request from different product owners.


*Minimum Bachelor in Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Computer Science, Information Technology or other equivalent qualifications.

*Minimum 2 years of working experience as Data Analyst.

*Experience working with statistical programming software such as R and Python.

*Experience in scripting with Relational DB preferably MS SQL & MYSQL.

*Strong analytical and data modeling skills with the ability to construct accurate queries/reports upon request.

*Good in data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI. 

*Experience with Tableau Server and Cron jobs are preferred.

*Possess strong written and verbal communication in English.

*Able to present insights clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences.

*Knowledge of mobile gaming and performance marketing is a plus.